5: Discussion & Conclusion

Section 4 has gone over, in painstaking and occasionally painful detail, the photographs and videos taken of Earth by the 9 moon bound Apollo missions and compared them with the satellite images of Earth taken by geostationary and Low Earth Orbit satellites. The process of writing it has been as immensely repetitive and tedious as no doubt it has been to read it. Points have been laboured, minutiae have been microscopically examined, arrows have been used to point out the blatantly obvious lest someone claim that they could not see the obvious.

What have we learned? That the satellite record contains a wealth of corroborating evidence to support the claim that 9 Apollo missions went to the moon, 6 of which landed. As stated at the start, they are not the be all and end all of proof but, taken in conjunction with the wealth of other evidence, they are a hefty nail in the conspiracy theory coffin.

If you believe in the Apollo landings and have enjoyed this work, thanks for sticking with it. Feel free to quote it wherever you like, as long as you reference it when you do.

If you did not believe in the landings, or were equivocal about them, and this evidence has helped persuade you that they did in fact happen, then I am pleased that it has been of some use.

If you have waded through the arguments and still disbelieve in the truth of the Apollo missions, then there is no hope for you. I am only glad I was able to keep you out of contact with normal people for as long as you were sat reading it, and that the town centre shop windows were unlicked for at least a short while. Enjoy wearing  whichever tinfoil hat is in fashion this year.

This work will not be without its critics, and I am sure there will be attempts to disprove it, or to claim it is another establishment lie. There will be those whose response to this entire discussion will be “There are no stars in the photographs and Von Braun was a Nazi” as if that is all the evidence they need.

I will now take the opportunity to fend off the most likely claims, and throw in some interesting stuff in the process.

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