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Vol. 140 No. 1, July 1971 - Apollo 14

The main article here covers the Apollo 14 expedition to Cone crater, and was published 5 months after the mission.

The pages were done in fold-outs, as they used photomontages to show the area covered. The page formatting is therefore a little unusual.

An advert for the magazine also featured an astronaut theme, and is therefore included.

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Vol. 142 No. 6, December 1972 - Apollo 16

Vol. 144 No. 3, September 1973 - Apollo 17

The article in this edition focuses mainly on different images of Earth, from UV spectrum, to Earthrise, to a spectacular shot of Earth occupying the whole frame. A shot of the LM on its way from the lunar surface to rejoin the CSM is also included.

It was published 8 months after the mission.

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This edition contains several articles covering the final mission to the moon, as well as summaries of the scientific findings from this and previous expeditions.

A couple of the pages are triple page foldouts.

It was published 9 months after Apollo 17 returned to Earth.

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Vol. 141 No. 2, February 1972 - Apollo 15

This edition cover the  expedition yo Hadley Rille,m and as well as photographs of the lunar surface covers some of the scientific aspects, including the LRV, the panoramic camera, and lunar samples.

Some great photomontages of Hadley Rille.

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These don’t often come up on eBay, but if you see one, grab it. Fabulous photographs and articles.

I’ve also scanned the adverts that shamelessly latch on the Apollo glory.

One page didn’t scan well at work, so rather than take it in again I redid it on my home scanner.

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National Geographic is a highly respected periodical renowned for its photography. It specialises in reporting the natural world and its people in an accessible manner.

During the Apollo missions, they included reports and photographs of the missions.

The articles were published several months after the missions they covered, and thus lack the immediacy of the Life Magazine pieces, but they are nonetheless contemporary documents of the Apollo era.

They are easy enough to find on eBay, and are not expensive purchases.

All the editions included below are my own copies, and are scanned by me. No alterations have been made to any of the pages or the photographs therein.

No infringement of copyright is intended or should be inferred.

Vol. 135 No. 5, May 1969 - Apollo 8

This edition covers Apollo 8 from start to finish with some fabulous reproductions of Apollo images, plus a few others besides.

A follow up piece looks at the upcoming Apollo 11.

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Vol. 136 No. 6, December 1969 - Apollo 11

Volume 130, No. 4 , October 1966 - Surveyor

Vol. 116 No. 4, October 1959 - Tracking stations

The article here covers an early part of the space race: missile and rocket tracking stations.

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A brief article detailing the first images from the Surveyor I probe.

The article is helpful because some conspiracy nuts claim colour photographs of the moon from this mission were suppressed. Clearly not.

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A hefty chunk of this February 1969 edition is devoted to lunar mapping and the surveyor probes that preceded Apollo. It also included a map, which I’ve scanned as well, and information on how the map was produced.

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