In October 2021 a house fire severely damaged the family home and a fundraiser was set up to try and pay for repairs, citing the couple’s lack of financial support and income as the reason for needing the money. Just 9 days after Gene’s death the house was put up for sale and the family dogs were put up for adoption.

All of the above details are easy to find if you’re prepared to follow your nose on the internet. I’ve identified no-one by name other than Cyrus and Gene, as (despite what you’ll read shortly) Gene’s mother, children, stepson, ex-wives and widow are all very much alive. You’ll need to do your own digging.

In what is described as his own deathbed confession, Gilmore recounts on a video allegedly recorded in April 2020 what he claims is the the deathbed confession of his father Cyrus, and that’s what we need to look at now.

Here’s what Bart says at the start of passage outlining the alleged faking of Apollo 11:

“This disclosure is now possible as the high-ranking military source of my investigation into this matter has died, and the predetermined waiting period after his death has expired. I am now free to publish his testimony that comprises the following highly relevant information about the Moon landing deception, which is shared here for the very first time.”

“My source did not want the following facts to be published until a set time after his death because his life and the lives of his family members were threatened, face to face, if he ever told anyone that he had personally witnessed the counterfeit filming of the supposed 1969 Moon landings here on Earth.”

It’s important to note that he is being specific about the source of the story here: the original witness.  The video Sibrel posts, however, suggests that it is actually the son, a second hand source. Someone who didn’t witness anything. Gene says things like

“I'm going to go ahead and make this video for Bart Sibrel. He knows not to do anything with it until, uh, until notification of my death”

“Ever since I contacted Bart Sibrel”

And that his father:

“said on his deathbed that he had to tell somebody before he died”

So it seems Gene reached out to Bart, and Gene was the only one insisting nothing happens until after his death. Cyrus only told his son, not Bart.

Not a good start.

Bart’s book then says this:

“This original direct eyewitness of the Apollo deception, now deceased, was the Chief of Security at the United States military base where the staged Apollo 11 Moon landing was secretly filmed.”

Chief of Security you say? Now that’s odd, because Cyrus’s gravestone at the Florida National Cemetery lists him as a Staff Sergeant.

The actual chief of security was a Captain Edward L Shafferman, and above Akers were a couple of Lieutenants and a good few tactical sergeants. It’s worth pointing out that despite thew wording on his gravestone, Akers’ involvement in Korea was not likely to have been combative - the armistice was signed in July 1953, shortly after he would have finished his training, although the last troops didn’t leave until August the following year.

Gene also says this:

“in 1968, my father was stationed in Cannon Air-Force Base in New Mexico. Uh, we lived in Clovis, New Mexico.”

Which is interesting given that other than his birth state of Arizona and his final resting place in Florida, there are few indications other than a property deed in Clovis that Gene lived anywhere other than Michigan.

Bart goes on:

“The year was 1968. Preparations for the first fake Moon mission photography and filming that was to take place in the United States was underway, a full year in advance of broadcasting the falsified mission to the world, in order to have enough time to fully prepare and implement the contrived material. Lyndon Johnson, the US president at the time, was personally presiding over the first of three days of filming of this sad misadventure. I was informed that this was set up inside two very large aircraft hangers that were coupled together to best simulate the fake landscape’s enormity. The later missions likely used a similarly large professional film studio somewhere.”

In a comment superimposed on Gene’s video, Bart claims that the 3 days of filming supervised by LBJ were done between 1-3 of June, 1968, with LBJ turning up for the 1st day.

I wonder how Gregory Peck felt about that? On May 31st, Gregory Peck, amongst others, arrived at LBJ’s ranch, where they stayed for a couple of days. Here are some videos of the occasion:

The actual itinerary of the president for June 1st can be read here. LBJ can’t have been there - he was busy, and was filmed being busy. It’s a thing with Presidents - they tend not to have a lot of free, unobserved time where they can’t be contacted and can engage in secret operations for something that they won’t be involved in. LBJ announced his decision not to run for re-election in March that year.

There’s also been quite a bit of debate around the term ‘Slam Dunk’ allegedly coined by LBJ for the mission. Various sources cite it as being a phrase that didn’t come into existence until 1969. Jarrah White made a big song and dance over finding a basketball clip sequence on youtube where the commentary using the phrase speaks over a game supposedly pre-dating Apollo 11, but there’s no actual confirmation that either the game or the commentary are from that period. It also seems very hard to find LBJ using any variation of the term “Come hell or high water” in relation to Apollo, or at all, as claimed by Sibrel:

“The operation’s code name was Project SLAM DUNK. This code name resulted from President Johnson’s private remarks about the supreme urgency of attaining Kennedy’s misspoken December 31, 1969 deadline to have a man walking on the Moon, which Johnson said “WILL be met, come hell or high water”, in order to save international embarrassment.”

It’s also claimed that a visit by LBJ to Cannon used to be mentioned on their website, but it mysteriously vanished after Bart started “investigating”. It’s absolutely correct that you will find no record on Cannon AFB’s site about this, or on any of the versions You’ll find no mention of an LBJ visit to the base in the media or anywhere.  Prove me wrong.

Meanwhile, Sibrel continues:

“This Air Force Military Police Chief described many days, even weeks, of preparation before the filming was to take place. Countless tons of pulverized concrete were delivered to the military base in dump trucks, which were to be used as the “lunar soil” for the creation of the photographs and pre-filmed television images, while laboratory quality “test” samples of supposed lunar soil were made from crushed lunar meteorites, which had been personally retrieved from Antarctica by rocket designer Wernher von Braun the previous year.”

Unfortunately, there has never been enough lunar meteorites to account for the volume of samples brought back by Apollo. Yes, von Braun went to Antarctica. Yes, he collected some meteorites. But see if you can guess how they know now that they are lunar in origin.

Gene’s story is very similar

“in Cannon Air-Force Base in 1968, he said that, by that time, by the time he got there, that there was already two large hangars that were connected. There was hundreds of dump trucks that came in and dumped sand and, uh, uh, stone and, uh, cement powder was powdered over the top of all that to make it look like a lunar landscape. They had men that fashioned it into lunar landscape, he said.”

“Okay, I've never known my dad to lie. So, this all took me by surprise. Ya know. What's that all about? So, anyway, um, he said that in front of the, uh, the airplane hangars, uh, was, uh pull framing with, uh, large canvas tents, um, that was, uh, concealing the inside of the staging area. Inside the staging area, uh, on flatbed trucks, uh, was on created the lunar lander that was assembled, reassembled back inside the hangars. All of the walls were painted flat black, and the ceilings as well. He was sworn to secrecy by the NSA [United States' National Security Agency], and, uh, they would put him in prison for breaking that oath.”

Apparently he checked that all this construction activity happened, and it did. Pity there’s no evidence whatsoever to support that.

So, Cannon AFB. Here it is:

The other issue is with Sibrel’s description of it as the home for “Special Operations Command Center” , something that didn’t exist until 1983.

LBJ wasn’t the only visitor there. Bart has a list. Here it is:

Lyndon Johnson – President

Neil Armstrong – NASA Astronaut

Edwin Aldrin – NASA Astronaut

Wernher von Braun – Rocket Designer

Robert Emenegger – Image Consultant

Eugene Kranz – NASA Flight Director

James Webb – NASA Administrator

Joseph Kerwin – Future NASA Astronaut (flew in 1973)

Thomas Paine – NASA Deputy Administrator (in 1968)

Glynn Lunney – NASA Flight Director

Christopher Kraft – NASA Mission Control Founder

James Van Allen – Radiation Expert

Arthur Trudeau – Army Intelligence

Donald Simon – Unknown (Navy)?

Grant Noory – Unknown (CIA)?

Now we’ve already demonstrated that LBJ wasn’t there. Armstrong and Aldrin were also somewhat busy on the days of filming. This training log shows that they were otherwise occupied at the Cape or at Ellington AFB on the lunar landing trainer.

There’s also the question of whether Armstrong and Aldrin were actually part of the Apollo 11 crew at this point.

It’s well known that the man in charge of crew selection, Deke Slayton, had a complex crew rotation system, but the reality here is more complex still. The complexity comes from the decision in August 1968 to turn Apollo 8 into a lunar mission as a direct response to a belief that the USSR were on the brink of success themselves. The change of priorities meant that the landing team of Aldrin and Armstrong was not actually announced to the crew until January of 1969. Even without the August change, Armstrong and Aldrin were not on the list - it was originally intended for Apollo 12’s Pete Conrad and Alan Bean, while Apollo 8’s Frank Borman also turned it down - opening the path for Armstrong’s team.

Sibrel’s argument that Collins wasn’t there because he was the Command Module Pilot and thus shouldn’t be aware of features on the ground is also nonsense - Collins was barely able to walk and awaiting neck surgery. That in itself also shuffled crew members around, changing the line-up of back up crews that underpinned the astronaut rotation system. Collins was due to be on what became Apollo 8, and he was replaced by Jim Lovell, originally intended for Apollo 11. Fred Haise took Collins’ place as back up.

In a nutshell, it would have been a nice day out for Neil and Buzz, but they would have wondered what they were doing there given that they weren’t yet in the picture for the first moonwalk.

In amongst the other big names are some oddities.

There is, for example, absolutely no need for James Van Allen to be there, or Joseph Kerwen - future Skylab astronaut already involved in training for it. Kerwen was around in New Mexico from time to time, he was an MD as well as an astronaut and was involved in medical testing for Apollo, some of which was conducted in other New Mexico bases. More significantly, he was actually locked away in a test capsule for most of June 1968 and definitely unavailable (see also here). Glynn Lunney was also pretty busy getting ready for the imminent Apollo 7 flight.

Robert Emenegger is listed as an image consultant by Sibrel, while Gene says he did “video work and stuff for the Department of Defense”. The former description is more apt. Emmeneger was a film maker, and in 1968 was part of an advertising agency. He did, however, also do work for the US Government, helping to make promotional/propaganda films. Not for the DoD though. Of more interest is his obsession with UFO’s. He was allegedly promised genuine footage in return for making a film, but the US Air Force reneged on the deal. Here he is discussing UFOs (video may not display on some browsers):

See any cameras?

Or any kind of security?


Apart from the very big noisy dogs in the compound next to the house, there’s nothing.

You’ll notice the fire damage around the door there. Gene has this to say about a recording of some sort of his father’s alleged confession:

“The original recording that my father made on his deathbed was, um, um, destroyed in a fire”

His father made? I thought he was given the confession directly?

An overlaid note on the video points out that this fire was of “unknown origin”. Sibrel makes no mention of the fire in his book, after all, why would he - assuming we’re discussing the same fire the one that destroyed the recording happened in October 2021, a month after he published his book.

Again, assuming we’re discussing the same fire, Gilmore should have had the recording available. It’s a little odd, however, that for a recording supposedly made in April 2020, Gene can discuss a fire that doesn’t happen for another 18 months.

Sibrel is clearly trying to poison the well with his “unknown origin” line when there isn’t any evidence anywhere that it was anything other than a house fire.

He also makes much of alleged visits by Government people, as does Gene - “Men in black suits”, well “they” are nothing if not honourable to a tired cliché. He says Bart was a big help, but he didn’t tell those guys nothing, no siree Bob. If he’d said stuff, then his wife and son would disappear. That would be the wife and son it takes just a few minutes to track down now that he’s blabbed? Bart, on the other hand, has no such qualms:

“They threatened his life, and the lives of his family, if he ever spoke to me again. In order to protect this individual, I notified the FBI, a United States Senator on the Intelligence Committee, and the White House Press Secretary.”

So yeah, Bart called the Government to protect a guy being threatened by the Government. Why not name the Senator? Or the agents he spoke to? That would help cover his back more don’t you think? Wouldn’t protecting Gene’s family still be a thing after he died, not just while he was alive?

So, what do we have?

Many people doubting Gilmore’s story have questioned whether he is real, or dead, or whatever.

I have no doubt that Gilmore is a genuine person, and that he did sadly die.

I also don’t doubt that his father served in the Air Force in the Air Police, and was definitely based at Cannon in the 1960s, and was definitely only a Staff Sergeant.

Bart’s Bullshit

In September 2021, Bart Sibrel - best remembered for being the recipient of swift justice form Buzz Aldrin - published what he likes to think of as his life story, “Moon Man”.

It’s a flight of fancy, but within it is a serious allegation that needs dismantling, an allegation that has been compounded by a video. The allegation in the book is that the building of a set used to fake the Apollo 11 landing was witnessed, and that allegation is repeated by the son of that witness.

Before I start, I need to add the disclaimer that all of the material contained below has been placed in the public domain by others, including supporters of Sibrel. All of it is easily discoverable. Any use I make of Sibrel’s words is fair use of that material for the purposes of critique. I’m not linking to Sibrel or his apologists. Google it if you must. Likewise any information or pictures relating to the family history of the people discussed is all public domain, and my use is considered fair use of that.

Let’s begin at the beginning.

The story revolves around Cyrus Eugene Akers. Cyrus (actually registered as ‘Syrus’ before he adopted the more conventional spelling in around 1950) was born on July 17 1933 in New Castle Indiana. His future wife was born in 1932 in Michigan. They both served in the forces in the 1950s, with Mrs Akers graduating from Lackland AFB in 1953. Lackland AFB is where the Air Police did their training, and Cyrus also started his service training there in 1953.

Do I believe his story? Not a word of it. Do I believe he believes it? Maybe, maybe not. At least one person in this sorry affair isn’t telling the truth. There are certainly hints in Gene’s “testimony” that he’s predisposed to believing the moon landings are faked.

“A lot of what I'm going to tell you is available online, until they see this video. And then I'm sure things will start getting scrubbed, um, as well as Moon photos.”

“As well as”?? So he thinks that there has been some kind of alteration/deletion of moon photos already?

“Then, I started doing a little, nothing major, nothing, just surfing the web, I think they call it surfing, surfing the web. Um, and a lot that information is right there on the web. I mean, it, it verifies the story that he told me.”

So he’s out there looking for moon hoax stuff. Looking for moon hoax stuff because his dad was a fantasist who told him a lie, or looking for someone to sell a lie to? Someone who never lets the truth get in the way of a good story? Someone who knows just how much truth to tell and how much to leave out to make it convincing to people who don’t ask too many questions?

Selling being the operative word. Although he claims no money has changed hands, he was pretty desperate for it, and surely Bart wouldn’t rob a dying man’s family of a few dollars that he’ll make milking this cash cow? Particularly someone who obviously needs the cash?

Yeah yeah Gene said he isn’t lying, and neither was his dad, but the first word out of every liar’s mouth tends to be “honest”, and after all, it looks like he was a straight up, down the line guy who didn’t do anyone wrong, right?

Lt Gen Arthur Trudeau was indeed a military man, and was responsible for ordering a study into the feasibility of a military lunar base (something scuppered by an international treaty preventing such a thing). Unfortunately for Bart, he left the army in 1962, finishing his career there in Research and Development.

Of more interest here, however, is the role he played in the infamous Roswell UFO story. Supposedly he was involved in reverse engineering alien artefacts obtained from Roswell.

Grant Noory, or Norry, as Gilmore calls him is a mystery, but there is a George Noory, a well known UFO researcher. He would only have been 18 at the time of the alleged faking.

Why the interest in UFOs? Well, this article cropped up. The article relates how a Military Policeman based at Cannon witnessed UFO activity. It says at the end that:

“Only one of the Military Security Police Officers who was a Sgt. remained at the Cannon Air Force Base.”

A sergeant. In the Military Police. Who reported UFOs. At a base where lots of the alleged hoax creators also have UFO links.

Anything strike anyone as too much of a coincidence? Does someone in this story have an overactive imagination?

It’s also worth pointing out that having a list of people is not the same as those people ever being there. I have a long list of people who would get automatic entry to my house. None of them is ever likely to turn up.

Sibrel also claims there were other people there:

“The list does not include certain military personnel and all the photographic and film industry professionals such as the full crew, set designers, model makers and special effects people etc. They used a separate entrance and were on a separate list, which is not available at this time.”

How very convenient, there’s no list. It’s kind of ironic that moon hoax morons will cry foul over the loss of Apollo 11’s back up tapes as some kind of proof, but it’s OK that all the proof that would back this nonsense up has gone missing.

So, how was all this stuff lost? Well, there really has been an series of unfortunate events.

According to Gene, he made lots of notes

“I made notes on my computer, um, so, uh, that I wouldn't forget anything, because there' a lot of, lot of little things and stuff I'd forget. So, these notes were made a long time ago.”

The computer was, according to an on screen note, confiscated by a Government raid. Hmm.

Bart’s version is this:

“In fact, just days before writing these very words, immediately after I had reconfirmed all of this information with a surviving family member of this important source of mine, their home was broken into with professional spy-like precision, their sophisticated security camera alarm system was cleverly disabled with their own secret password, and all of the relevant documents about this matter, and nothing else, were stolen from their home.”

Hmm. Now, Gene says it was a Government raid. Bart portrays it more like something done when no-one was around to see it, so how does Gene know it was the Government? Bart also says that only relevant documents about it were stolen, nothing else, so what about the computer?

There’s also the matter of the sophisticated security camera alarm system.

Here’s a couple of photos of the former home of the Gilmores, as shown in the sales particulars from just after his death.

Nakhon Phanom was a Thailand base used to launch raids on north Vietnam, often involving some quite nasty defoliants to reduce the Vietnamese’s ability to hide in the jungle.  These bases were vulnerable to attack from neighbouring Laos, so the role of Security Police was seen as vital. To protect against these attacks, the same defoliants (such as Agent Orange) were used to clear areas around the bases - the same areas patrolled by the Security Police. Many early deaths of these forces have been attributed to exposure to Agent Orange.

What’s interesting here is that, given that troops heading for the Vietnam conflict typically had two weeks at least of jungle training in the Philippines. The odds are that, rather than Cyrus supposedly shedding a tear while watching the live Apollo 11 EVA, the odds are he wouldn’t have seen it at all until it was featured on the kind of weekly bulletin shown to the troops. Vietnam tours of duty were typically 1 year, so it would be nice to know exactly how long he’d already been in Thailand when that report was published.

Luckily, we do get an idea of that thanks to a FOI request put in trying to prove that his story is true. That response, found in a Facebook post, states that:

“The veteran’s duty stations in 1968 were Minot AFB, Ndak. Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand & Grissom AFB, Indiana”

It doesn’t give the order of that service, but as we know that Akers was in Vietnam at Nakhon Phanom in 1969, it’s likely that Minot & Grissom were first.

The poster seems suspicious of so many postings in a short space of time, but at least some Security Police squadrons were deactivated  in 1968, so he could have been transferred to Grissom before being posted in Vietnam. The facebook poster thinks the record has been scrubbed. What he means is that it doesn’t show what he wants it to.

Returning to Vietnam, as we now know that he was there from 1968 onwards, then the chances are that he would have come close to meeting at least one person on the list: Neil Armstrong.

Veteran entertainer Bob Hope made regular trips out to SE Asia to put on shows for the troops, and. The guest of honour in 1969 at Nakhon Phanom was Neil Armstrong.

Clovis News-Journal, May 25 1966

Wonder what his dad would have said about that?


Some months after this page is written and the intervening time has seen Sibrel tirelessly plugging his shitty book and the human centipede of the moon hoax moron crowd swallowing it whole and passing it on. One such plug is this video, in which Bart not only doubles down on his existing story but embellishes it.

We learn from it that Gilmore contacted Bart after seeing him on an HBO special because, according to Sibrel, Gilmore saw him as a trustworthy guy. If nothing else this calls into question Gene’s judgement on things.

Bart still re-iterates his claim that Akers was the ‘Chief of security at the most secure base on Earth’, and that he “Stood beside President Johnson, who flew in on the 1st of June 1968”, both of which we know to be false.

He claims that Bill Clinton confirms the landings as a hoax in his autobiography. He does no such thing - Clinton relates a story of a man he spoke to who wasn’t convinced the rockets were going anywhere.

He states that Robert Emenegger mentions “in his autobiography” that he was at Cannon AFB in 1968 for undisclosed reasons. Good luck to you finding any such autobiography. We do know that Emenegger visited many air force bases as part of his UFO research, and that there were UFO reports from Cannon. It is therefore possible that he visited, but if you can find him mentioning that anywhere in a book (like this one, which doesn’t seem to reference it) I’d like to see it.

He also makes reference to Akers “living right across from the base entrance, within walking distance of the base”. It isn’t clear when he’s talking about, or even which Akers, but examination of any of the photographs shows no such housing. You either lived on the base or in Clovis, which is not ‘walking distance’.

Here’s the big one though. Sibrel’s big reveal, which for some reason he couldn’t include in his book or even in the original video despite both of the people involved being well and truly dead, is an allegation that Akers senior murdered a co-worker in order to maintain the cover up. Straight up, honest as the day is long Cyrus Akers killed someone to cover up a lie. He then confessed this on his deathbed to Gene, who (naturally, being a similarly honest and straight up guy) called the police and military police and then changed his name out of shame.


It would be nice to know when Gene changed his name, but we know from court records that in May 2002, 5 months before his father died, he was already Gilmore. We don’t know why that change occurred or why it happened. It’s pure speculation and hearsay.

Here’s the devious bit from Bart. Despite him stating earlier in the video that he’s the kind of guy who would turn over a million stones to find an answer, he’s “tired” of it, and wants other people to go looking through newspaper records and so on to see if any missing persons can be located that would fit the bill of a murdered member of the military. If you search through any town’s newspapers looking for a disappearance you are absolutely guaranteed to find one, and then all the conspiracy idiots can hang their hat on that nail of proof and Bart can be all wide eyed and innocent and go “see, I told you!”.


It’s just more of his expert publicity seeking, which is the one thing Sibrel has managed to be good at in his life: promoting himself.

He’s either a gullible, credulous moron incapable of doing any independent fact checking of the complete load of manure someone sent him, or he knows full well this is garbage and he doesn’t care as long as it sells more copy.

You can tell just how prepared he is to embellish a story without checking his own facts because he mentions the FOI request put in about Cyrus Akers’ military history. He claims that the FOI showed no record of his Air Force service. This is completely false. The FOI shows where and when he served in 1968. It just doesn’t show that he served at Cannon, and we can find photos of him in Uniform just by typing into Google that have nothing to do with his book.

Bart adds nothing verifiable to the story, he just makes it sound more credible to the kind of people who think he’s an honest reporter of the shadowy and underhand activities of “them”. There are no facts, no documentation, nothing that can be checked and he’s either too dishonest or too lazy to check them.

Too long, didn’t read?

A dead guy told a dead guy something, only the dog ate his homework.

There are too many contradictions in the stories, too many conveniently missing links, and the fact that it comes from someone who has made a nice living from fabricating a story about a moon hoax is the biggest red flag of all.

Update to the update:

The clever part, such as it is, of Bart’s “I am weary, let me rest” shtick is his throwing down a few seeds and letting other do the legwork (and collect the defamation lawsuits). One person who has run with the claim is “Dr” Rasaviharii, who has posted this claim in response to someone else’s question:

Tampa Bay Times, May 2-3 2002

His wife left the army, presumably to care for their son Eugene Ruben Akers, who was born in Tucson Arizona, March 19 1955. At the time this seemed to be the location of her parents. Cyrus, however, stayed in the Army, eventually clocking up 20 years by the time he left in 1973, reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant.

He spent time in what was then West Germany. His wife and son are shown returning in 1959 on a military flight from Rhein-Main AFB to McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey. His name isn’t mentioned on the flight, but then neither are any of the other military personnel on the flight. He may have returned with them, or Mrs Akers and Eugene may just have been visiting.

Muncie Star, March 18 1953

Image from a Google Sites page, listing personnel in Akers’ Air Police squadron in mid-1964.

It’s on a flat, featureless part of New Mexico. No sign of the large hangars supposedly built and dismantled in front of all those crew quarters. If a 13 year old Gene Akers lived there, as he claimed, you’d think he might also have spotted that. I will concede that his statement says that “we lived in Clovis”, so they could have lived off base. If they were there at all.

Sibrel claims the location was chosen because:

“It was obscure, remote, quite small, and thusly would have the fewest possible eyewitnesses.”

Obscure? Maybe. Remote? Certainly. Few witnesses? Yeah about that.

In May 1968 it was chosen as a training ground for the 4429th Combat Crew Training Squadron, and it was also a training ground for the many pilots being readied for service in Vietnam (eg in the 27th Tactical Fighter Wing and a couple of squadrons of the Air National Guard). It had an F-111 simulator. It was pretty busy, and as such would have been a monumentally stupid place to pick as a covert filming location.

Clovis Daily News Journal, June 3 1968

Clovis Daily News Journal, June 4 1968

Mrs Akers gives her permanent address in the USA at this point as Kinross, Michigan. Mrs Akers crops up in the same area of Michigan in the early 1960s, working as a book keeper, but there is no sign of Cyrus. Eugene’s schooling, as indicated by his LinkedIn profile and facebook, was completed in Lansing, Michigan, but he doesn’t seem to appear in any yearbooks.

We do get some indication that Mrs Akers joined her husband in Clovis, notably from this entry in the ‘Warranty Deeds’ section of the Clovis News Journal (below left). A request in the same newspaper from 1981 suggests he still owned that property some years after his move to Florida (below right). The article is a plea for owners of ‘abandoned properties’ to get in touch.

Obituary, Tampa Bay Times, October 1 2002

We can also be pretty certain that he served in Vietnam, thanks to this news report dated August 6, 1969.

The Pharos-Tribune & Press, Logansport, Indiana August 6, 1969

Cyrus died in 2002, and his obituary records that he arrived in Florida in 1977 from Rudyard, Michigan, in the same township as Kinross. There is no actual record of him living in Michigan, or indeed anywhere other than Florida.

Eugene Akers, who eventually changed his surname to Gilmore and preferred to be known as Gene, followed his parents to Florida, where me met and married all of his 4 wives.

He had two children by his second wife, and was married longest to his eventual widow. He was a musician and artist, and all the indications are that there was not a lot of money by the time he died of thyroid cancer in February 2022.

His love for Pink Floyd (he played in a tribute act) might explain the name change.

The law suit is another interesting one, and may or may not be related to our Cyrus E Akers (believe it or not, this isn’t as unusual a name as you might think). If I understand things correctly, the type of suit filed relates to payments for children. If this is our Cyrus Akers, it does cast doubt somewhat on his fundamental honesty.

Gene shows us his Air Police Badge, but it’s worth noting that the Air Police were named ‘Security Police’ in 1966. The badges were originally coloured, but became silver only after it was found that the enamel chipped off. The badges were also only handed out while the officer was on duty. As Cyrus retired in 1973, 7 years after the renaming, it’s possible that this badge was a souvenir from when the original badge was withdrawn. This history doesn’t say whether the same badge number was always given to the same officer, so the ‘D7596’ may not relate to him specifically.

Neil Armstrong and Bob Hope, Nakhom Phanom, December 1969. Source.

Bob Hope 1970 Special, with Nakhom Phanom at 29:20 and Armstrong on stage with Hope at 1:08:00 (Video may not display on some browsers)

He very conveniently doesn’t source the map, but it looks a lot like part of this one. Far from it being “old Cannon Air Force Base documents, it’s a 1985 USGS map, the full page of which is here, based on 1979 aerial photos.

So, there are two claims here: firstly that the blue area on his map are a hangar of some sort, and secondly that no-one had clearance to go there and it was off limits.

L:et’s look at the first part - it’s a hangar. Now, this is a colour map, and anyone who knows anything about map knows what blue usually means: water, just like those other blue areas top left. The word ‘Levee’ might also have been a small clue there.

There’s an aerial view earlier on in this article, but just for fun here’s another one (source):

Hmm…those “buildings” look pretty low rise to me. No date on that one, but here’s a 1965 image, I’ve annotated it to show the area in question:

Let’s have a look at some historic imagery in Google Earth - left from 1985, right from 1997:

Is it beginning to sink in yet? Might they not something other than buildings? Do they, in fact, hold water? A lot more water than Rasaviharii’s absolutely fabricated claim?.

Well, just to finally ram home what those areas are, here’s an image from an environmental analysis of the site:

Once you know what they are, you know that our fake doctor’s claims about it being a hangar and that no-one was allowed there are as full of shit as the lagoons on his map.

You couldn’t make this up. Oh wait…he did: There was no building, there was no need to have any kind of clearance to go to it, he didn’t even look through ‘old air base documents’ - he looked on a map.

His claims are, ahem, baseless.

The key on the right clearly identifies the area (now largely filled in and replaced by two smaller ponds) as former sewage lagoons.

We also have reports like this, and this, that have labelled maps and diagrams identifying the sewage lagoons.

The red arrow points to the area he’s identified. Looks a little…’flat’, don’t you think?

This undated (but vintage looking) image from Pinterest shows a distant lagoon very clearly right where there are supposed to be buildings!

Even de-classified spy satellite images get in on the act, like this one from 1984.

Or these USGS aerial photos from 1979 (note particularly the shiny reflective surface of the ‘buildings’), 1986 and 1991.