The Stupid - it burns

They’re everywhere. The stupid. Some of them walk among us, but the rest stay inside making up shite to put on the internet. This page is for one-off observations made by the stupid is dedicated to pointing out to the stupid that they are wrong, one bit at a time.

First up, let’s have:

Iranian Alien

Some loon posted this image on a well known conspiracy site, claiming it was from the moon and linking to the site he found it on:

Really how fucking dumb are some people - there are fields and rivers and all sorts on there - it is clearly not on the moon. So, where is it?

Well it doesn’t take too much figuring out. This is the site he got it from, and they have a thumbnail to click on. Turns out they are so lazy they didn’t bother editing out the original information from the thumbnail. Let’s have a look at it.

Hmm, it isn’t entirely clear, but I can definitely see Iran, and with a bit of working out you also get Takht-i-Sulaiman, which roughly translates as Throne of Solomon.

It’s an ancient monument in Iran and a world heritage site. Here’s a couple of photos.

Seriously how lazy is that? It’s pretty much just fraud.

Lazy alien website, lazy researchers. Case closed on that one.

Gorgeous George

There are a number of videos floating around the web that are making an extraordinary claim: namely that footage shot by Apollo 15 on one of their EVAs shows a UFO hovering above the ground on the horizon. Here’s a link to one of them, but there are many to choose from.

The footage itself is from the live TV broadcasts of EVA-1, and this is the key image for all of the gullible idiots who make the claim:

The Bunker

Apart from the fact that anyone with eyes and even a half functioning brain can see that it is not floating above the ground there is one teeny tiny problem, and it’s that this is the correct orientation of the view:

Wow who saw that coming - a UFO ‘researcher’ being dishonest when presenting their material!

Here it is in a photograph taken at the start of the mission, compared with the same view later on.

And here’s a crop of that later image compared with a view on Google Moon showing us where this bright spot is.

So no - it’s not something floating above the ground, it is the ground.