Apollo Ephemera

This page gathers together scans of magazines, newspaper articles and other things I own that reference the Apollo space programme directly or refer to part of the space programme around it.

Occasionally some of the page formats are very large and I’ve had to do multiple scans (or even photograph them from above) to get the entire page. It will be obvious where this has happened, and absolutely nothing has been altered, added, or removed as part of that process.

Most of the documents were purchased from eBay, but some were donated and for those ones I may not always be able to identify the source.

Where an Apollo article has been part of a publication, only the relevant Apollo material has been scanned.

Copyright of the original material remains with the copyright owners, and no attempt is made to assert copyright. Material stored here is for personal use only.

Weekly publication ‘Life’ magazine had a deal with NASA that allowed them access to the Apollo programme. See examples of their articles in this section.

Monthly publication ‘National Geographic’ featured occasional articles and photographs of from the Apollo missions. See examples of their articles in this section

As Apollo fever gripped the world, many publishers attempted to cash in with one off magazines, pull out souvenirs and specials to hoover up their readers’ cash. Here are some examples. Also included are technical and NASA publications.

Individual articles from newspapers during Apollo, mostly from the UK.

Newspaper photographs and NASA issue images from the Apollo era.

First day covers are always popular, and there are lots of them that cover the Apollo era. Other small objects of desire are also covered here.

Apollo Home

A Daily Express Apollo 11 tie-in, with so many great things it deserves its own page.

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