Google Moon kmz files showing the location of Apollo’s lunar orbital photographs

How satellite photographs prove we went to the Moon

Consecutive Hasselblad images combined to make movies

Astronauts what I have met

How views of the Moon taken by Apollo astronauts differ from those taken from Earth

Weekly publication ‘Life’ magazine had a deal with NASA that allowed them access to the Apollo programme. See examples of their articles in this section.

Apollo photographs and video show surface details only found in two other places: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images and the Moon. Now with a Lunokhod-2 section!

Monthly publication ‘National Geographic’ featured occasional articles and photographs of from the Apollo missions. See examples of their articles in this section

Photographs and videos of the lunar terminator in Apollo missions show that it’s exactly where it should be, and changes position over the course of the missions exactly as it should do, because we went to the moon (work in progress).

Still clinging to the idea that Apollo was hoaxed because there are no photographs of stars? Read on to have that notion dispelled. Apollo’s low light photography revealed lots of them.

This page contains links to a variety of personal projects related to the Apollo lunar missions - specifically aimed at proving that we went to the Moon.

Which we did.

There are people out there who don’t think we went. They’re stupid. Anyone who claims on a youtube video or a web page or a book or in fact anywhere that NASA hoaxed the missions is either an idiot or a liar.

If you’ve come here looking for information to use to argue against these liars and idiots, or a different angle on the Apollo missions then I hope you find the things I’ve done interesting and useful.

If you seriously believe we didn’t go, maybe because you’ve read some nonsense on some stupid conspiracy site, oror you’ve watched a video by an annoying Australian, or read some bullshit at the Aulis website and thought it made sense, or maybe you’re one of the many crackpot trolls polluting the internet and parading your ignorance as if it’s something to be proud of then you won’t like anything here.

That makes me happy.

Apollo happened. Deal with it.

"The other thing about it is, this conspiracy theory, is [that] the truth needs no defense. I don't have to respond to that. I stepped on the surface of the Moon, and I don't really need to defend that, because I know it happened, I know I did."

Eugene Cernan, Oral History    

The position and movement of shadows on the lunar surface are entirely consistent with where, when, and for how long the Apollo missions stayed on the surface (work in progress).

Apollo 15, 16 and 17 used a high resolution camera to photograph the lunar surface from orbit. High resolution scans of those photographs reveal a remarkable level of detail, including lunar modules on the ground!

The debunking of nonsense elsewhere

Apollo 8’s Earthrise photo contains all the information you need to prove they were there.

How to find, download and use data from space agencies to make photos and 3D images of the moon. 3D models of Apollo sites included!