A miscellany of articles debunking tired old crap.

An April Fool’s joke got posted claiming alien what-nots on the moon and secret stuff.  People believe it. Here’s why they shouldn’t.

A Lunar Orbiter photograph from 1967 is claimed to show a road and a UFO parked in a crater.

It’s bollocks.

UFO nuts think NASA is hiding alien bases in Zeeman crater. They’re idiots.

Syfy channel’s “Aliens on the moon: the truth exposed’ has more bullshit than a field full of beef cattle. Read why here.

Alex Collier claims alien space beings told him sooper seekrit stuff, like “there’s a hole in the north pole and a NASA photo proves it”.

My alien contacts tell me he’s full of it.

One off observations on individual pieces of crass stupidity.

Hoax nuts love the story that Apollo astronauts gave a fake moon rock to a Dutch dignitary. Unfortunately for them it’s just not true.